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15. ブリンチャン山 と 現住民村ツアーパック、キャメロンハイランド, マレーシア。

英語のキャメロン・ハイランド観光  英語によるパッケージツアー

アドベンチャー  ツアー  2
ブリンチャン ( 2031 meter )  ( 4WDでブリンチャン山を制覇するドライブ )
ボー紅茶園製造所見学 -  最大の茶畑、喫茶、ギフト &  工場 )
*   & 昆虫   ( RM 5.00 )
オランアスリ部落見学 ( RM 10 / 1 ) 吹き矢の実演 、体験ができます。
*  WATER-FALL /   - ジャングルトレッキング
*  吹き矢の実演・体験ができます。

発:8:30 ~ 17:00 (+/-)               
金:RM 95.00 / 1 
        最低 2人以上催行

Including : Transportation & 英語 を話すツアーガイド.


 “Adventure 2” Tour begins at 8:30 am daily from Tanah Rata town. Our guest will be fetched from hotel or guesthouse by a minivan or four wheel drive ( 8~11 person seater )
From Tanah Rata town and takes approximately 40 minutes by road to peak of Mt. Brinchang.

a. At the peak of Mt.Brinchang ( 2031m a.s.l ) have observation Tower. This 3 storey,50ft tower gives a magnificent view of Mt.Brinchang and on a good clear day, The  panoramic view spreads all the way to neighboring state Perak and Kelantan. ( Spend about 20 ~ 30 minutes )

b. After that our guide will take you to Mossy Forest ( more then 220 mil. years old forest ) and have board walk to through the mossy forest and its 700m from car park. After the board walk the nature trek start. (Muddy and slippery), upon  request guide will take you to short nature trek.
By spending 30 ~ 40 minutes you may notice pitcher plan, wild orchid, medicinal plan, parasitic and many more kind of plants.

c. After mossy forest we will go to BOH tea plantation, we will stop at view point for photographing, At BOH plantation we will visit the tea factory and Tea Shop for a fresh tea.
          a. Photographing  10~ 15 Min
          b  factory tour 05~ 10 minutes ( BOH Factory Own Tour Guide.) 
          c. Tea Time  30 ~ 40 min

d.  From tea plantation we take you to butterfly farm and it take abaut 10 ~ 15 minutes. At the Butterfly Farm we can spend 30 ~ 40 minutes to observe butterflies, insects, beetles, scorpions, rabbit and snakes.
it will take another   15 minutes back to Tanah Rata Town

Lunch 1 hour ( Exclude Food & Drinks )
You can have your lunch In Tanah Rata town.

e.  From Tanah Rata town its take approximately 1 hour journey to the Native Village ( orang asli ) where a native guide will join and lead us. over there we will spend  around 1~2 hours. Our native guide will take us to see waterfall , ( 5 ~ 10 minutes jungle walk ) do the blowpipe ( demonstration ) show us they traditional swang dance with bamboo music and our guide will explain their live style.  you can take picture or ask any question and communicate with native person.

f.  At the native village you can buy pure wild honey, energy herbs root, wild orchids, imitation blowpipe , handmade betsneckles…….etc
                1 hour journey back to town

The tour normally ends between 17:00 ~ 17:30.

For further enquiries, information & booking, please feel free to contact us.
H/P : 012 5544 645 ( Ms. Rani )
( メールはローマ字または英文でお願いします
Skype : cameronservice1

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